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20 membranes 34x42 cms


Cryolipolysis membrane made in Spain/without Ethylene Glycol.

1 unit per bag, single use.

Weight 110 gr. for all types of cryolipolysis machines. 

Membrane pre-impregnated with a protective gel specially designed to protect the skin during cryolipolysis treatments.

Formulation more respectful of the skin, with the same level of protection.

No longer contains the antifreeze used in the automotive industry (Ethylene Glycol), which is harmful to the skin, but Glycerin, a more ecological alternative.


Amount left to get free delivery: €150.00

Usage :

Apply to the area to be treated, on clean, dry skin

Do not apply to mucous membranes or wounds

External use only

Conservation :

Keep at a temperature between 10° and 30°.